Ishnabobber Books Launched February 2019!


The Character


Ishnabobber is a fun-loving lighthouse with an amazing heart for helping others.  He shines brighter than all other lighthouses but strives to do more. Ishnabobber sets out to discover how to be the best he can possibly be. Eventually he is told Jesus is the answer but has no idea who or what Jesus is. Ishnabobber will take you on a journey of discovery as he seeks, asks and knocks to learn all he can about Jesus. Evenutally he discovers Jesus is the answer to being the best he can be.  In John 8:12 Jesus spoke these words: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." It was this scripture that inspired the character of Ishnabobber to be a lighthouse.


The Author


Susan Anderson is a grandmother to six, mother to eight (in-loves included) and wife to an amazing man who supports and encourages her to follow God's calling. Most of her career has been spent working with children in coaching, education and  ministry. Her life experiences, growing faith and obedience to God’s persistent nudging has inspired her to write Christian children's books (Ishnabobber Books). She also enjoys hosting Christian women's retreats at her cabin home in the north Georgia mountains (TLW Ranch). Her passion is to help others understand "the peace that surpasses all understanding" as result of personal relationship with Jesus. She enjoys time with God, family, friends, nature and strives to stay connected to her Father and live the abundant life He desires her to have!


The Illustrator


Traci Allison is an artist who enjoys exploring various art mediums and techniques, including pastels and watercolors, mixed media and collage, and alternative photography. She earned her BA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University. After leaving the corporate world to raise a family, she kept her passion for art alive as a freelance artist.

The Books

The Discovery Series

Ishna 9.jpg

Book 1 of 3

How Can I Shine Brighter?

A young lighthouse with an amazing heart for helping others shines as bright as he can. Even though he's been told he shines brighter than all other lighthouses Ishnabobber believes there is more he can do. This is a story of patience and persistence as Ishnabobber seeks to be the best he can be.

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Book 2 of 3

Who Is Jesus?

Ishnabobber sets out to discover who Jesus is. He's told reading the Bible will tell him everything he needs to know. He doesn't like to read. Eventually his curiosity enables him to open the book and continue his journey to being the best he can be. To his amazement, he learns all kinds of wonderful truths. This is a story of overcoming obstacles and doing the right thing even when it's hard.


Book 3 of 3

Why Is Jesus Special?

Release Date: November, 2019

Through reflection of all he has learned, Ishnabobber still cannot figure out what kind of light Jesus is. Peace overcomes him as well as a joy he doesn't understand. And to top it off, a strange stirring lurks inside him. “Is that you God?” he asks. This is the story of how Ishnabobber began a personal relationship with God.

More to come, 23 books in all!

I Am • Super of Super Powers •Come & See • Go & Tell

The Back Story

In 2010 I was flying home. I was going through a trial and praying for clarity. Head back, eyes closed, trying to keep tears from trickling down my face, "Father, what now; what purpose do you have for my life? " 

Forever etched in my heart is the memory of that still small voice and without question, God: "I want you to write children's books. I told you this long ago.."

Instantly, I recalled a time when I was 17 years old, that same voice spoke to me only I didn't recognize it was God. I was trying to discern what to do after high school. The idea of writing children's books popped in to my head, and I quickly dismissed it, laughing it away: "Yeah, right, I don't like to read, let alone write." I never gave it another thought until that plane ride..

In that moment, with no hesitation, I knew what I needed to do. It was no coincidence my husband, for no reason, bought me an IPad. I looked at it, smiled, and began to write even though I felt God had the wrong person for the job. It was as if I wasn’t in control. The words flowed from my head, to my heart, to my fingertips and on to the iPad. No thought was given to the character or to its name. God used my recent fascination for lighthouses and my daughter's silly made-up word to create the main character.

I went from depression to hope on that plane. I now know God used my circumstances to prepare me for the journey ahead. He never gave up on me even when I didn’t recognize Him.

With three stories written, I knew I needed an illustrator. “Okay Lord, how are you going to pull this one off? It’s pretty wild that you have me writing, but I'm quite sure it would be a huge mistake if you have me illustrate too”. He agreed and brought Traci to me.

Prior to that, I reminded God that I had no financial means to hire someone (as if He didn’t know). In turn, He reminded me who He is and that he remains in the details. I had met a gal for a two week period many years ago. She lived close by, went to my church and loved art. Boldly, I grabbed my phone, and sure enough still had her number, dialed it and the rest is history. It was a perfect match. She was 100% on board and willing to receive the same pay as me - the satisfaction of doing something good for God’s kingdom!

The first time I saw Ishnabobber, ironically, I was on a plane. I was shutting down my phone and I saw the him in an email. The plane took off an it felt as if that take-off represented something more than air travel. God is good and He is faithful!

Now that Traci was hard at work illustrating it was time to figure out how to publish Ishnabobber Books. It had evolved into a series format. I spoke with a Christian literary agent who genuinely seemed to care about the project. She recommended self-publishing during a time when it wasn’t accepted in the literary world). She said if a publisher picks up the project (and she felt one would) and at some point before completion changed their mind, it would kill any future books. She didn’t want to see that happen. After much prayer, I decided to go the self-publishing route.

Self-publishing created many challenges and required a lot more capital. Crowd funding was just kicking off at that time so I decided to give it a go thinking it would be easy. IT WAS NOT! However, God in His "beyond what you could ask or imagine" way, made it happen and many faith lessons were learned for both Traci and I.

It was an exciting time! Everything was falling into place and then, just like that, it all came to a screeching halt. Life events struck both Traci and I on multiple levels that required great time and attention. It was a FIVE-YEAR period of time before we could pick the project back up again. It would have been easy to quit all together but God wasn’t having it. We did what we could during the limited time we had. The enemy did his best to inflict guilt, impatience, frustration, doubt and self-pity on us but God stepped in and assured us we were right where we were supposed to be and gave us peace. 

Looking back I see how He was at work within us. He was growing us, preparing us, equipping us, shaping us and most of all loving us. He is good always, is in the details, never changes, His love is constant, and His motives are pure. Ishnabobber Books is not ours, it belongs to our Heavenly Father.

Just as Ishnabobber is on a journey, so are we. We are excited to see where Our Father will take us as we take it one step at a time - to God be the glory!